5 Items Every Bride Needs For Their Touch Up Arsenal

No matter what lipstick fades. Especially traditional bullet lipsticks! They’re creamy and hydrating and make for the most amazing bridal lipstick application but they just don’t last. Having a 2 in 1 lipsick/gloss situation makes touch ups a whole lot easier. I started leaving my brides a mini Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump for touch ups and its been getting rave reviews. It has the consistency of a lipstick, but its glossy AND it plumps.

My favorite colors for bridal depending on complexion are Cherry Blossom, Mixed
Berries, White Beige and; Coconut

by Natalie dresher

1. lipstick

Being based in Miami, shine is inevitable. Having a good touch up powder ensures the makeup looks fresh until the wee hours of the next morning. Applying a pressed powder onto the t zone with a powder puff will leave your face completely preserved and intact. Its also great to have to smooth away any tears, sweat, or just to add a bit of extra coverage through the day.

My favorite pressed powder is the OneSize Beauty Turn Up The Base Powder

2. touch up powder

While your makeup artist should be skilled enough to not have your lash lifting through the night. Accidents happen. Tears happen. Wind happens.

My favorite lash glue is the Callas latex free lash adhesive.

3. lash glue

Did you know the first thing to leave your face other than lipstick is blush? And there is nothing prettier in my opinion than a blushing bride. Keep your favorite blush in your friend’s purse with your favorite brush for quick touch ups.

My favorite bridal blush is Dior Rosy Glow blush.

4. blush

I loveeeeee a subtle body glow. Having an outdoor ceremony? The sun will lightly reflect off your clavicle. Dancing the night away? The dance floor lights will bounce off your shoulders in the sexiest way. I absolutely love a good body glow.

My current favorite is the Sol De Geniero Glow Motions in Rio Sunset.

5. body glow